Who We Are

Shah Jalal Builders is one of the leading diversified business conglomerates of Bangladesh. The Company has experience and developed into a professional construction team that specializes in Bridges, Flyovers, Foundations, heavy civil construction, Roads, Industrial Building, Supply Construction materials and other related infrastructures.

We try to make each of our constructed buildings unique and special by raising our standard of planning, functions, design considerations and executions. We have passion, dedication and specialization in pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) and RCC structures which we hope will lead us to be a successful, customers' friendly and leading company in this field. So our vision is to maximize our coverage in the construction sector of buildings & structures, including PEB and civil works with our company "UNIBOND" in Bangladesh.


We have several testing equipment at site. We perform concrete cylinder test, rebar tensile test, plate tensile test etc frequently as per requirement of client.

We perform digital survey work for ensuring high precision of all measurements

  • 1 - Experienced ENGINEERS.
  • 2 - Highly equipped building CONSTRUCTION TEAM.
  • 4 - Experienced PLUMMBERS
  • 5 - Experienced ELECTRICIAN


Our goal is to ensure unique building technologies for constructions. We are fully committed to the implementation of construction practices in terms of planning, functions, design, acquire costing according to budget & execution process.


Our vision is to lead successfully in this field with exceptional customer services & supports. Unibond will reach maximum coverage within Bangladesh.